Watersouls Of Fish Who Die Becoming The Sea


Medium: oil, 36 x 48

Koi Fish at the Morikami Museum, Florida

Sea, Rocks

Medium: Oil, 24×30

Vista at Palm Beach, FL

Water Taxis

Water taxis

Medium: watercolor, 9 x 13

Water Taxis; Mode of transport on Lake Nagin Kashmir, India,

Old Arab

Medium: Watercolor, 8×10

stroll on a sunny morning in a Middle East Bazaar, Abu Dhabi Souk, UAE

Three Trees

Medium: watercolor, 9 x 12

Glowing trees, Central Park, NY, fall season


Medium: graphite, 6 x 8

Gravestone embraced by nature, West Palm Beach, FL

Iris XIV, Bethesda


Medium: Oil. 36 x 36

Iris, the messenger God at repose.

Ibis Bethesda


Medium: oil, 24 x 36

Ibis dining at Bethesda Church, Palm Beach, Florida

Bamboo Moon

Bamboo Moon

Medium: oil, 30 x 30

Bamboo forest at the Morikami Museum, Florida

Brooklyn Brownstones

Brooklyn Brownstones

Medium: graphite, 11×14

Patio view Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

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